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Benefits of Using Sparklers For Events

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Sparklers make a wonderful accessory in weddings and parties.

Sparklers, once thought of as an item only to be bought and used on the Fourth of July, is finding it’s way into other types of celebrations, specifically weddings. With their glistening show of gold sparks, the sparkler is now being used to spice up all occasions across the country. One neat thing about sparklers is that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They can be painted to match any color scheme and can be put on top of anything. Plus, buying sparklers online makes it even easier for you to plan the wedding or party of your dreams.

In the wedding world sparklers are a woman’s best friend. They are cute, stylish and a whole bunch of fun. The number one use is creating the perfect exit for the bride and groom! Traditionally the wedding party and guests light up the sparklers, create a pathway and hold the sparklers overhead as the bride and groom make their grand exit. Another use (which many don’t consider) is a table setting. How cool is that? A chic, elegant and an out-side-of-the-box way to add pizzazz to your table!

The classic use of wedding sparklers and the easiest, most sought out use of the sparkler is the formation of a tunnel or passageway that the married couple passes under. The way the sparklers twinkle against the dark night sky is elegant, enchanting and simply exquisite. Just the type of wedding day anyone could hope for!

Your entertainment, DJ/Emcee should be the perfect host, a reflection of you and the master of your timeline. The DJ and his ‘Professional Wedding Assistant’ not only organize and time the sparkler walk; they also ensure that your close friends and family will be at the end of the sparkler walk for what could be your best wedding picture. Nobody wants cousin Joe’s last-minute date to be in their final and best picture.

From easy cleanup to buying sparklers online, there is no doubt that wedding sparklers, or sparklers for any other celebration, is an amazing, low cost, and minimal effort way to celebrate with your own unique style.

We recommend that the ‘Newlyweds’ use two minutes sparklers. If they buy the cute little heart-shaped sparklers they only last for 30 seconds which is not enough time. The two-minute sparklers, allow enough time to have two runs: Two chances to capture the perfect picture versus one.

Please contact us at www.djotto.com to find out where to purchase your sparklers online.

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