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Your wedding is a very special moment in your life – and it should feel just as special for your wedding guests too. In the end, these people are there to celebrate with you one of the most magical things in life – love – so they definitely deserve you give them the very best there is.

The perfect lighting can help you with that! How so? How can your wedding lighting help you create the right atmosphere for the Big Day? We have gathered some of the most important tips for you to remember about this – so read on and find out more.

  • It will make everything more unique. It doesn’t even matter how fancy or simple your venue is – the right lighting can add personality, style and elegance to just about any kind of wedding venue and décor.
  • It will influence everyone’s mood. Just like music, the right lighting has the great power of influencing people and making them feel more energetic, more romantic and/or more relaxed. Pick the perfect wedding lighting for your Big Day and you will contribute to your guests’ wellbeing.
  • There are a lot of options to choose from. These days, wedding lighting comes in as many different styles and colors as brides there are on Earth (and take this quite literally). Some of the most popular lighting styles include Gobo lighting (just like a “luminous stencil”), UpLighting (colored lights placed on the ceiling, floors and walls to add a special touch to the room) and outdoor lighting (such as fairy lights, paper lanterns, vintage lanterns, candles, and so on).

Searching for someone to help you with all this in Pittsburgh? Contact Pittsburgh Event Lighting and allow us to illuminate your Big Day! We guarantee we’ll create a magical atmosphere none of your guests will ever forget!

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