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Event Lighting Guide: How to Light up Your Corporate Event to Create Impact

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Although event lighting is not often top of the list for event planners, it should be.

Lighting is key to event success, but it is often an area that people find difficult to get right.  Lighting creates atmosphere and gives you the professional edge that events often lack.

Here are some tips to ensure that your event lighting creates an impact and provides the wow factor that you are looking for.

Design your lighting plan

Think about where you want to put your key lighting points and which parts of the venue are most important in terms of atmosphere and lighting.

A site visit is recommended so that you can get an idea of the size of the venue, where light fixings may need to go, what rules the venue has regarding use of fixings on the walls or ceilings and to understand where the power points are.

What equipment are you likely to need? 

Most modern lighting systems are LED-based in general, but there are still some venues that may use traditionally installed lighting rigs.   Your lighting kit should consist of a variety of different types of lighting including uplighters, spotlights and other equipment  which, when combined by a lighting designer, transforms even the most basic venue.

Using spotlights

The key focus is obviously the stage, and that needs to be lit accordingly.  Venues often have their own basic lighting systems but in order to add a professional look and atmosphere to your event, ensure that all speakers are appropriately lit on stage with spots and that the audience space is darker and more ambient.

Make sure that the space is lit in a color that doesn’t diminish from any presentations taking place on stage. Also make sure that the audience lighting is at a level that allows audience members to make notes if they want to.

Stage or color washes 

Wash lighting is used to fill a space with light and color.  On a stage, it can be used to light up the space.  It can also be used if you have an exhibition space in one area, that you want to highlight.  Color washes can echo your corporate colors or just be plain white light.


Uplighters are ground-based lights that can be used to light specific features such as pop up banners or signage.  Again they can be used very effectively in different color combinations to add more ambience to an event.

Modern uplighters are battery powered, removing any worries about wiring or trip hazard issues.  This means that, as long as it is safe, they can be used in areas that wouldn’t have been accessible or would have been considered dangerous with older wired fixtures.

Lighting effects – Gobos

If you really want to make the most of lighting at your next corporate event, then think about effects that can impress an audience.

Gobos are lights that beam your corporate logo or patterned designs into your event space. Gobos can be static or moving, or they can fade in and out.  If you are holding an evening drinks event then you can use Gobos to project light patterns onto the ceiling to create a magical feel to a room.

Alternatively, for a more corporate event, you can simply take your logo (or the event’s hashtag) and project it onto the venue walls.  If you want to create a light show, you can do this by using moving Gobos.

Have fun with color

Your lighting doesn’t have to be plain white. It can reflect your corporate identity and brand colors easily. Color also gives you the ability to differentiate zones within the event space itself and it’s great for helping people find where they need to be.

Good event lighting can be set up around any size of budget – think about what you want to do first, talk to your venue and take advice from an events planner or lighting designer.

Above all, share your ideas with an expert and you will find that even the simplest lighting schemes can impress your guests if they are done well.

Pittsburgh Event Lighting is a full-service lighting company. Your special day deserves lighting effects that bring out the beauty of everything. We believe that your event should be handled with great care, precision, and planning. Call today at 412.379.3907 or visit http://pittsburgheventlighting.com for the best lighting in Pittsburgh.

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