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How Event Up-lighting Affects Your Guests

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Event lighting can change your guests experience

Have you ever been to an event with amazing up-lighting and ended up feeling great and happy about life? When you attend an event with live music, these concerts utilize powerful lighting systems to further inspire their audiences. It makes for a great time for everyone that’s involved.

Lighting has several factors that affect us differently

Color can affect our mood and various colors can create a change in us in different ways, mentally or physiologically. Brighter colors like yellow help to create a sunny, or cheerful atmosphere. We tend to associate sunny days with good memories and we feel warmer inside. Darker colors like black are often viewed as ‘negative.’ Black is usually associated with the night, making us sleepy or inclined to more negative emotions like sadness or gloom.

Movement is another factor affected by lighting. It refers to the actual movement of the light fragments or beams. If the lights aren’t moving, then we tend to be more focused on the subject that is being lit up. Spotlighting focuses on the actor or actress in a performance and this helps us focus on the performance itself. Whereas, if you are at a music festival where the lights are strobing, flashing, and changing colors intensely then this type of lighting inspires more energy in the crowd.

When it comes to events, lighting can really emphasize the important details that you want to stand out and this can truly make your event that much better.

Leave the Lighting to the Professionals

Establishing the perfect atmosphere requires a lot of hard work and consideration. Up-lighting plays a huge role in that. Pittsburgh Event Lighting is a full-service lighting company. Your special day deserves lighting effects that bring out the beauty of everything. We believe that your event should be handled with great care, precision, and planning. Call today at 412.379.3907 or visit http://pittsburgheventlighting.com/ for the best lighting in Pittsburgh.

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