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5 Dreamy Indoor Wedding Ceremony Backdrops With Lights

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Planning a wedding is always about the minute details – about those little things that make for the huge differences. And your wedding ceremony backdrop is definitely one of the most important elements you should consider if you want your big “I Do” to be fabulously beautiful.


What are some of the most unique indoor wedding ceremony backdrops with lights? We have gathered 5 beautiful ideas right below – so read on if you need some inspiration.

  • A curtain of lights. Simple to make and really gorgeous, a curtain of string lights can be a stunning piece of décor for just about any type of ceremony site.
  • A simple heart of lights. Use strings of lights to create a cute heart-shaped piece of décor. It will look really adorable and it will perfectly complement a simple, minimalist wedding ceremony.
  • Lights and flowers. If you don’t want to give up on the opulent flower backdrop, you can definitely combine them with lights. They will look like little fairies in a sea of graceful flowers!
  • Blue lights and white curtains. Planning a Winter Wonderland wedding in a very tall location? Adorn your ceremony backdrop with a tall, transparent white curtain embellished by small, blue lights. This is bound to steal everyone’s hearts away!
  • Paper lanterns. Playful and yet very stylish, paper lanterns can be a really great choice for the décor of your ceremony backdrop. Have them in multiple colors for a very youthful touch or in white for a dash of timeless elegance.


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