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Is Lighting Important at a Wedding Reception?

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You bet it is!  Lighting sets the tone visually in combination with your décor.  Just like having the right Wedding DJ is important, you need to think about how you would like your tables, chairs, decorations, walls, center pieces, and all the decorative choices you made to look good under the correct lighting.  This is very often overlooked.


Take the reception dinner for example.  Do you want the bright white house lights of the venue to dominate the room?  Or do you want to have up lighting lining the walls showering the room in your chosen color?  LED up lighting is the in thing right now and will be for a very long time.  The majority of venues do not carry up lighting.  You will be responsible for hiring a vendor to handle this for you.  Why not ask your DJ?  Many wedding DJs can provide up lighting in combination with his or her DJ services at a discounted cost, as opposed to hiring a lighting vendor.  LED up lights can be programmed to fit the color of your décor and they emit very low heat, but plenty of light.  Some of the most popular colors are purple, pink, and blue.  Having 8 to 12 LED Up Lights is generally the average, but it really depends on the size of the venue.


Have you thought about the lighting during the dancing part of your reception?  Did you know that many times a wedding reception venue is too bright to get people dancing?  Check with the venue before booking and ask if they have a policy about lighting brightness.  Some venues require that the house lights stay on at 100% for liability reasons, while others will allow you to dim the lights or completely turn them off.  No matter how beautiful the venue is or how good your DJ is, if the venue has a lighting policy that requires the lighting to be at 100%, your guests will be very self conscious about dancing.  This is a fact.  People do not like others to see them dancing, especially when it feels like day light in your reception.  Your DJ’s lighting will also not be able to be seen in bright light, so make sure you always ask your potential venue.

If you are having an outside wedding reception, this is an altogether different scenario.  For example, if you plan to have a tent outside, the lighting generally used can either be turned on or off, but not faded.  When the lights are turned off, your guests will not be able to see anything, while turned on it will feel like day light.

Pittsburgh Event Lighting is a full-service lighting company. Your special day deserves lighting effects that bring out the beauty of everything. We believe that your event should be handled with great care, precision, and planning.

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